What is Dynasty’s process for creating a Living Trust?

To create a trust you will:

  1. Go through Dynasty’s simple online workflow to gather your details and generate your digital living trust.
  2. Schedule time with one of our online notaries to virtually sign and notarize your trust.
  3. We will provide you with a digital copy and securely store the original notarized document in a bank level vault. 

Most online trust providers only take you part of the way by selling you a trust template. Lawyers will take you the entire way but in most cases still don’t want the burden of securely custodying your physical documents. Dynasty cloud will not only help you create your documents, but we also enable you to remotely sign and notarize them as well. Then we physically and securely store your living trust for you. 

Safe storage is an essential part of the process because a trust is only valid if it can be furnished when necessary. If trust documents are lost or damaged, then all the steps you took to properly prepare your estate plan are moot. Dynasty takes the burden of storage away from you and ensures that the right people will be given access to your trust if events call for it.

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