What is the difference between Dynasty Basic and Dynasty Advantage

Dynasty Basic offers basic protection. Which is still more protection than you have today if you don't already have a living trust, but less protection than Dynasty Advantage. 

Dynasty Basic lets you create a living trust which includes our cutting edge identification and signing process. It also gives you a simple trust dashboard that you invite your key collaborators to. With Dynasty Basic you are not able to make any changes once you create your free trust.

Dynasty Advantage gives you full protection and lets you make changes any time you want. Trusts are much more likely to be challenged by disgruntled family members if they are not up-to-date, properly signed, notarized, and funded (all your assets are transferred into the trust). Dynasty Advantage comes with a dedicated Account Manager (who is also a licensed notary) who gives you “white glove” support through this process and ensures you are always fully protected as your life evolves. Dynasty Advantage also includes audit logs and video recordings which further protects you from challenges.

To summarize, Dynasty Basic is basic protection that works well for those that don’t have any major assets or children. Once your assets start to become meaningful (hundreds of thousands of dollars and more) and your family starts to grow, we recommend taking this more seriously and upgrading to Dynasty Advantage.

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