How to create a California living trust?

  1. Choose a trustmaker: This is the lawyer or software provider who will create and manage your trust.
  2. Choose your trustees: This is the person or people who will manage the assets in the trust.
  3. Choose beneficiaries: These are the people who will receive the benefits of the trust after the trust creators die or become incapacitated.
  4. Choose the assets to be placed in the trust: These can include real estate, personal property, bank accounts, and investments.
  5. Create the trust document: This is a legal document that outlines the terms of the trust and the roles of the trustor, trustee, and beneficiary. It should be signed by the trustor/trustee and notarized.
  6. Transfer the assets into the trust: This involves legally transferring ownership of the assets from the trustor to the trustee. This may require retitling the assets or completing other legal paperwork.
  7. Manage the trust: The trustee will need to manage the assets in the trust according to the instructions of the trust creator (trustor) and the terms of the trust document.
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