When is the right time to to set up a living trust?

Most adults in America know the importance of having a Living Trust. If you own anything that’s important to you, and you are incapacitated or die, the government decides what happens to everything you own. Even if you don’t have any assets today, most people plan to acquire investments, real estate, art, jewelry, automobiles, etc at some point in their life. Creating a Trust is much simpler when your life is simple. There are far fewer inputs and things to think about. All you need to do is set one up, and then as you start to acquire assets, get married, and have children, you can immediately title things in your Living Trust and ensure you are protected. 

The old way of creating a Living Trust involves lawyers, notaries, 3 ring binders, and safe deposit boxes. At Dynasty our mission is to remove all of this friction and make setting up a Trust simple, digital, and as close to free as we can get it.

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