Who needs a Living Trust?

At Dynasty we believe every adult in the United States should have a Trust. 

A properly set up Trust can:

  • Help you avoid probate
  • Give you more privacy
  • Protect your assets and property from creditors and lawsuits
  • Protect your beneficiaries from creditors 
  • Prevent the government from seizing your assets and property
  • Help you reduce the amount of taxes you pay

The old way of creating a Trust involves lawyers, notaries, 3 ring binders, and safe deposit boxes. Dynasty removes all this friction by making Trust creation simple, digital, and free.

From the moment you open your first bank account, get your first job, buy your first home, start a business, get married, or have your first child, you should have a Trust. 

The best time to do this is as early as possible in your adult life cycle. Because the longer you wait > the more assets you acquire > the more complicated it will be to transfer those assets into your Trust. Some institutions such as venture capital firms may even charge thousands of dollars to retitle your investments from your individual name to the name of your Trust. If you already have a Trust at the point of acquiring these assets, you can immediately title the assets in the name of your Trust and you never have to worry about retitling fees or time spent doing it. 

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